Caricamento in corso

Cultivation and productive process

The growing sites extend over 700 ha., of which 70 ha. are covered by greenhouses: these are provided with modern technologies for the Crop Integrated Management, thus allowing important growing innovations, such as

  • “Lakes” for rainwater harvesting for greenhouses;
  • Irrigation system that optimize the water employment applying only where needed and in required quantities;
  • Machines for pyroweeding in order to reduce the use of chemical products;
  • Covering clothes that allows to make the most of light and to guarantee at the same time the maximum growing uniformity of the products.

The production process begins with the choice of salads’ variety, the seeding and all the operation carried out in the field.

Once the harvest is authorised, the fresh cut product is cooled rapidly in order to preserve the quality and its organoleptic characteristics, transported to the packaging warehouse, evaluated and approved by Quality Control Office for first acceptance.

The actual productive process includes a selection that can be done both by specifically trained operators and by cameras which photograph leaf by leaf and analyse them according to chlorophyll and color, removing any possible foreign objects.

After this comes the washing of the product in water, this process occurs several times in tanks, in order to remove all the soil residues.

At this point OrtoRomi checks the weight, the sealing and the absence of metallic foreign objects.

Traceability and tracing

For the protection of the quality of its products, OrtoRomi works through traceability and tracing systems that guarantee transparency at every stage.

The traceability is the process that allows to identify the product from the field to the selling, recreating the main information during the phases. On the contrary, the tracing is the opposite process that allows to trace back the path of the product, from the table up to the field.

In our company, farms and processing factory belong to the same Cooperative, creating a very short agricultural chian with just two players involved.

Convenience and service

OrtoRomi is a Cooperative, that is the reason why it has a very short agricultural chain. The Cooperative can guarantee flexibility and quickness dealing with orders. The delivery to the distribution platforms takes place through a speedy and reliable logistic system, in the full respect of the cold chain

These requisites allow OrtoRomi to establish long term partnership with the best retail market players and long term relationship with clients, asking improvement on daily basis, giving feedback and growing up with the Cooperative.

The washing stage

All OrtoRomi salads are already thoroughly washed, carefully prepared and ready to use. However re-washing fresh cut salads will not harm the product quality in any way.

The washing stage consists in at least three consecutive washing and rising in bathtubs, places in series one after the other.

The product remains several minutes in potable water, in order to reduce the bacterial load and to separate possible presence of contaminants in the product.


OrtoRomi is certified for the following subjects:


The commitment to the safety and quality of the products is proved by several microbiological analyses. In its international laboratory, OrtoRomi arranges more than 5.300 analyses per year, also thanks to the cooperation with external laboratories Accredia, such as CHELAB SILLIKER, R&C LAB S.r.l., IZSVE, 3° LABORATORI, D’ANIELLO LAB, GREIT, with samples for the microbiological checks in all the products and fields.