A digital campaign to celebrate a new chapter

20 May 2020

OrtoRomi, from the beginning of the health emergency that hit the whole world, has continued his work with the usual commitment, passion and great sense of responsibility.

With the new spot OrtoRomi, through the Insal’Arte brand, chooses to tell a piece of the story that we all shared, but with a positive message focused on how much the pandemic was also an opportunity to take note of the strength shown by the Italian people.

The radio campaign schedule includes 20 ”spots in rotation in the 7.00-22.00 time slot for two weeks on Radio Deejay, starting on the 18th of May 2020.

Insal’Arte products will also be described within the “Deejay chiama Italia” program, conducted by the renowned Linus, and during the “Pinocchio” broadcast from Pina, Diego and La Vale.