OrtoRomi grows by 14.2%

1 October 2021

The balance of the first 8 months of the year is positive compared to the same period of the previous year. Between April and August, the agricultural cooperative recorded its historic monthly highs. Thfresh cut line is the best performing category; ,slow juices also earn shares.

In a 2021 that could be affected by the new pandemic wave, the OrtoRomi Agricultural Cooperative has been recording a positive trend since the beginning of the year with respect to both 2020 and 2019, with a growth of 14.2%, compared to the same period of the previous year. Not only that: historical monthly highs were reached in the months between April and August.

“We are satisfied with these results which affect both of our business units; our Padua office registered + 14.9% and the Salerno office + 12.6% ”- declares Luisa Bovo, representative of the Executive Committee of OrtoRomi. “This gives us the measure that the qualitative excellence of our products is recognized by the market and our references, as well as being appreciated for their high service content, respond more and more precisely to current consumption habits, which reward food. suitable for a healthy and environmentally responsible lifestyle “.

The category that sees the best performance is that of fresh-cut salads, the company’s core business, which achieved an increase of 15%; in this category, after a negative year due to the pandemic, there is an excellent recovery of the “Pausa Pranzo” bowls with excellent results obtained in particular from the “Ricca” bowl, a recipe particularly appreciated by consumers, which sees the traditional walnut combination and parmesan enriched by the addition of cherry tomato, rocket and escarole endive; salads in 400 g trays are also growing. Finally, mention should be made of the success of head salads and the increase in the sales volumes of iceberg lettuce, references that have recorded really important growth in the last year.

OrtoRomi is also satisfied with the positive performance of the slow juices, a category in which it strongly believes in potential since its launch and which had suffered particularly last year. The Ginger slow juice is confirmed as the reference most appreciated by consumers; followed by Mango and Strawberry slow juices.

The results obtained in the organic sector were also positive, where Almaverde Bio products registered a growth of 30% on Extracts and 25% on soups. OrtoRomi declares its intention to push the IV range and generally strengthen the organic segment, a sector with high potential given the growing consumer interest in environmental protection and product healthiness.

Particularly committed on several fronts, from sustainability to product and packaging innovation, OrtoRomi confidently awaits the restart of the autumn season for products in the ready soup categories (soups, minestrone, pureed and velvety), mushrooms, fresh cut vegetables ready to be cooked (savoy cabbage, winter mix and black cabbage), and of the PGI Radicchi line.

Cristiano Detratti, CEO of OrtoRomi, a UIF associated company, comments on the results: “The recovery of the market is encouraging and we are confident that the positive trend will continue; we must continue to focus on the satisfaction of today’s consumers, who are increasingly informed, as well as keep in mind the urgency to work synergistically to arrive at a truly sustainable agri-food system, a commitment shared and assumed by the companies associated with the Italian Union Food IV Range, also in the ‘optics of the growth and enhancement of Italian products on the international market ”.