OrtoRomi partners with FRUVENH project

27 October 2020

Communicate the importance of a healthy lifestyle, the quality of European production and the nutritional requirements of fruit and vegetables with a high health content to Italian consumers, but also in the Netherlands and Romania.

This is the heart of the three-year Fruit & Veg: Natural Health project! (FRUVENH) funded by the EU and promoted by the Vi.Va AOP Group, representing important production companies throughout the Italian territory.

The three-year project (2020/2023), received a 1.5 million euro funding from the European Union to promote the health values ​​of products increasingly requested by European consumers: small fruits, strawberries, pomegranates, tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage , cauliflower, artichokes, pumpkins, peppers, baby carrots, extracts and mix of ready-made products.

The presentation of the activities in progress, made digitally, was a journey into the production territories of the excellence protagonists of the project. Starting from the Marche where Francesco Renzoni of Codma OP, presented the areas of production of cauliflower and broccoli and the qualitative characteristics of these products with a high health content. Then he went to Campania, with Pietro Ciardiello, Director of Coop Sole who highlighted the peculiarities of the production of strawberries and small fruits for the national and European market. He then moved to Sicily with the Giardina company to present the production of high quality cherry tomatoes and artichokes from suitable lands. The Italian journey of the project then continued in Veneto at OrtoRomi for the presentation by Martina Boromello of the Insal’Arte slow juices with 100% natural first choice fruit and vegetables treated with an innovative cold technique in order to maintain the nutritional properties, the taste and the color of fruit and vegetables. Finally, the trip arrived in Romagna with the presentation of the Canova range of organic fruit and vegetables with Paolo Pari and to get to know the Apofruit Italia cooperative (present Gianluca Casadio) with its excellent productions including the Chicche di Natura Solarelli the innovative mix ready to enjoy red fruits full of health and well-being.

A journey into the production of excellence, coordinated by the Vi.Va Group, led by director Mario Tamanti.

Nutritionist Martina Donegani also intervened to explain the contents of the project in detail. She will follow step by step all the nutritional information dedicated to the products being promoted.

Nutritional factsheets full of information and curiosities dedicated to each leading product are already available and downloadable from the site. All the information enriches the digital channels of the project, from the website, full of information, curiosities and recipes, to the project social networks that will contain in a schematic and captivating form all the information to win over consumers.

“Among the main aspects that will be communicated with this important European project”, Tamanti declares, “in addition to nutritional and health advice to stay well and keep fit, the values ​​of production, the fabulous properties of fruit and vegetables, natural foods will also be highlighted. energizers, antioxidants and detoxes that guarantee an excellent vitamin intake to the daily diet, in addition to the guaranteed high quality standards and the traceability that documents the close link between our producers and European consumers “.

The actions of the project will focus on promoting fruit and vegetables with high organoleptic and nutritional quality and which, as they are traceable, guarantee the transparency of information about their origin and the production methods used.

The objectives of the project are also aligned with the demands of a market and a type of consumer who is always attentive to the consumption of natural, safe and traceable products, especially among the Millennials, the generation to whom the project is mainly aimed. A Nielsen research (2017) 80% of Millennials respondents attach great importance to the value of transparency regarding production, origin, business ethics and healthiness. Millennials are also very attentive to nutritional values, production methods and prefer plant products, natural and environmentally friendly than previous generations.

The target countries of the project, namely Italy, the Netherlands and Romania, represent these new trends in a different way – The Netherlands is among the most active countries in relation to healthy lifestyle changes and among the main consumers of organic products (CBI, 2019). Romania is growing rapidly compared to the consumption of small fruits, considering that, in 2019, it imported 11,192 tons of berries (Ice, 2020), and in Italy the driver of fruit and vegetable consumption is well-being also in younger groups.

The campaign will develop over the course of three years, creating a privileged communication channel with Millennials through online and offline methods, which will see the presence of an educational site (https://fruvenh.it/), the constant communication of information content on social networks and numerous direct contact activities with consumers in the stores and during specific events, Covid permitting, with the presence of nutritionists and experts involved in all phases of the project.