OrtoRomi prepares for 2021 with positivity

11 December 2020

After the slight decline recorded during the spring lockdowm, attributable to the new lifestyles imposed by the pandemic, OrtoRomi, agricultural cooperative leader in the production and marketing of fresh cut salads, soups, ready meals and slow juices, looks to the near future with confidence, which has always distinguished the company.

OrtoRomi is about to close 2020 with a result that can be considered positive overall, despite the difficult year that certainly did not benefit Italian companies, hitting the various sectors in a more or less penalizing way.

Sales volumes have seen an increase, although it is necessary to consider a contraction in value due to promotional pressure implemented due to the pandemic situation.

The fresh cut sector, OrtoRomi’s core business, after having suffered a slowdown especially in exports, is significantly recovering from the lost sales and presents good prospects for 2021, thanks also to the acquisition of new transnational customers and with the aim of bringing value added to references. The data, in fact, settle at -1.2% in a reference market that signals a -7.8% YTD in value (Nielsen data October 2020 closed).

Positive data come from the soups sector, which shows a + 9.7% in value compared to a market that is not growing.

With regard to communication activities, OrtoRomi implemented the strategy planned for 2020, partially adapting it, both on the media and on the content front, in order to be more effective and responsive to the new context that was emerging.
Obviously, due to the lack of opportunity to participate in the usual sector fairs that normally see OrtoRomi as a protagonist, investments have been concentrated in other channels, first of all digital and social, but there was no lack of the presence of the brand in other media, such as print periodical and radio.

The 2021 strategy, also developed thanks to the new management team established in June 2020, plans to increase the Brand Awareness of the Cooperative and the Insal’Arte brand, through targeted actions, with the aim of communicating the high quality of the products , the wide assortment range, the excellent level of service and all the contents relating to environmental sustainability, a theme that the company embraces today but has been doing so for years in some situations; just think of the member farms and the sustainable agriculture techniques that characterize them, with rainwater collection basins, irrigation systems that reach 90% efficiency, photovoltaic systems for greenhouses, voluntary integrated pest management, and so on.

The 2021 budget foresees not only to return to pre-pandemic levels, but to overcome them, through the proposal of new references and the restyling of the packaging, both in graphics and materials, with a view to pursuing objectives linked to compliance with environment.

A difficult year that ended, which OrtoRomi has however been able to face with determination and tenacity, thanks to a supply chain built over the years that has acted in an integrated and synergistic way, allowing to overcome complex moments and always guarantee the arrival of products. on the shelf.