OrtoRomi remains consistent with the usual values ​​even in the Covid-19 emergency

10 April 2020

OrtoRomi is at the forefront since the beginning of the health emergency that has affected our country and the whole world and continues its commitment with an approach to work and to the product based on the values ​​of reliability, quality, passion and innovation, which has always been hinges of every choice.

OrtoRomi with fresh cuts salads, fresh slow juices and ready-made soups belongs to one of the fundamental sectors for providing indispensable products and services to the country.

The values ​​that have always been inherent in the corporate DNA have found new forms of expression in the serious health emergency that has hit Italy, demonstrating how their content was not only aimed at the product and service offered to consumers, but had a implication much deeper, aimed at people.

A large family, which immediately carried out its work with the usual passion, reliability and great sense of responsibility, in order to ensure the full functioning of the supply chain and production plants to guarantee shelf supplies.

OrtoRomi immediately took action to put in place all safeguards for the protection of its employees and stakeholders, scrupulously following all the indications provided by the decrees and activating the anti-contagion protocols.

All in order to ensure maximum protection of staff, and the excellence of quality and safety that have always characterized the products.

Each measure was applied with the same rigor that has always distinguished the control of each phase of the production chain, but now with the fundamental need to protect the health of collaborators and their families, who make OrtoRomi the great human reality and corporate that it is.

The Cooperative is in fact fully aware of the fact that the most important asset is people and the territory.

All the ordinary and extraordinary actions envisaged have been implemented: from the distribution of masks to the departments in which the use was not already normally contemplated, to the daily measurement of the temperature of the incoming employees; from checking the distance between people in all areas, including those of common parking, to the staggering of the lunch break times, always monitoring the safety distance.

The agile work was implemented for all clerical tasks and a repeated process of sanitizing with ozone the closed rooms, the external areas and all the means of transport of goods is carried out.

OrtoRomi is in constant contact with local authorities and produces at full capacity, satisfying the provisions in a timely manner, which are checked by the local health authorities.