OrtoRomi sponsors the Play Deejay event with the Insal’Arte Fit Moving course

31 July 2020

After a forced stop of the events due to the covid-19, the activities sponsored with the Insal’Arte brand with Deejay Play are resumed in Riccione (3-22 August).

OrtoRomi sponsors a course the Fit Moving course, an explosive mix of functional training, easy dance sequences and core training held by Marcello Vicini. Participants will receive a branded Insal’Arte gadget and a fresh 250ml extract.

For registration, it is recommended to show up in advance at the desk in Piazzale Roma, where the event will be held in compliance with the current provisions.

Below the days and times of Insal’Arte Fit Moving:

-Monday 03rd August at 18.30,

-Thursday 06th August at 18.30,

-Monday 10th August at 18.30,

-Wednesday 12th August at 18.30,

-Thursday 20th August at 18.30,

-Friday 21st August at 10.00,

-Saturday 22nd August at 18.30.