Staffetta della Speranza run – Vatican City

3 April 2019

Insal’Arte sponsors the “Staffetta della Speranza”, Padua – Vatican City organized by the non-profit organization Città della Speranza and which will take place from 21st to 24th April 2019. The strategy for 2019 sees OrtoRomi promoting natural nutrition and linking the Insal’Arte brand to wide-ranging sporting events that involve all the people who are attentive to the quality of what they eat and to adopt healthy lifestyles. “The sponsorship of sports events that are also indirectly linked to a natural diet and a healthy lifestyle is part of the strategies for 2019. Our intent with this partnership is to embrace the charitable purpose of the initiative, of information on health, prevention and research. We believe in ethics, in respect for the person: these are values ​​that permeate all relationships and business processes. It was therefore a natural act to support a reality such as the Città della Speranza Foundation, which has been fighting for over 20 years to guarantee the best care and the best assistance to children, which are the lifeblood of our society, the mirror of our choices and the future we are building. “says Martina Boromello, Marketing & Communication Manager.